going for the last rounds of family dinners/lunch today-tomorrow

god save me


Bollywood + scenery (part two)

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Scenery + Chaandaniya - 2 states.

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I felt so old when I watched this. They don’t even know what a cassette is how

exactly they made the walkman and cassette feel so complicated 

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Anonymous said: Absolutely love your brush stroked Bwood posts... if maybe you could find a way to even print them and sell them for a minimal cost or something? Idk if you'd like to but they're amazing! :)

hii thanks for the suggestion

i haven’t really thought about using my edits for selling…i make things for fun like hobby, my way of escapism.

the brush stroked edits are 245 x 350 in size i dunno how they’ll look in poster size either?

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Sanam Saeed in Misha Lakhani. Misha’s designs are very modern and feminine, perfect for the more casual bride, dawat or dholki.

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stardusted replied to your post: ❝ Pretty girls behave best when y…

have you seen it yet???

yes :) its nice…though they missed some details here and there

i liked the book more

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❝ Pretty girls behave best when you ignore them. Of course, they have to know you are ignoring them, for otherwise they may not even know you exist. 

saathiya tune kya kiya is revathy’s song?

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Koffee with Karan - Bloopers

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when u take off ur iphone case and it feels like ur holding a newborn

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brush stroked bollywood
» inspired by maayavi and hindifilmhero

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RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez