PHOTO OF THE DAY: Magnificent M.C. Mary Kom gives India first boxing gold at Asian Games. 

Well done, Mary.

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The tearful rebel: Sarita Devi’s refusal to accept Asian Games medal in pictures

She’s a true hero. It takes guts to do something like this.

My heroine.

dad has got gastroenteritis. He is blaming mum for poisoning him. 

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dear mum and dad.

you have a mobile phone for something WHY NO USE IT.

Fawad Khan for Grazia (full shoot)

dear bollywood, stop with the biopics.

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anahatsandhu replied to your post: i liked daawat e ishq and khoobsurat i…

Seriously? For once I thought he got a main role! I don’t want him to be referred as “Aashiqui 2 fame”

he comes in frame after 30mins of the movie.

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* (by [ angela ])

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i liked daawat e ishq and khoobsurat

i went to both with pretty low expectations.

ARK had a shorter role than FK :S


if anyone really cannot wait and wants to watch khoobsurat, i found some online links to watch it:

if you are going to watch, i suggest do it fast because these links will not work if you wait long. ENJOY (◡‿◡✿)

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caligirl786 said: Hey, did you watch Khoobsurat online? Can you post the link please? Thanks! :)

i downloaded it from torrent. I don’t know if its online, you can try desitvforums though, they usually have movies online to watch or to download.

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fawadsbegum said: Have you seen Khoobsurat yet?



just finished it!!! it was nice!! 

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Fawad khan 

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